Status Indicator 3 Way



Power Supply
24VDC or 115/230v AC 
Power - full alarm 120mA @24vDC
Quiescent - 10mA
Alarm Signal
5 to 30v + DC
4 inputs - 3 alarms and fault
Long Life High Power LED’s
Two Green LEDs - ON (bottom window)
turning off with any alarm
Option - permanently OFF
Alarm 1
Single Red LED flashing (bottom window)
Green LEDs - OFF
Sounder - intermittent
Alarm 2
3 Red LEDs flashing (middle window)
Sounder - warbling
Alarm 3
5 Red LEDs flashing (top window)
Sounder - constant
Fault indicator
2 Amber LEDs (bottom window)

sounder intermittent

Sounder Output
87dBs @ 1 metre
Mutable or permanent isolate option
3 Relay Outputs
Volt free - SPCO 3A/230vAC
Link option for reset or latched
Instruction sheet C1285
Remote reset/mute contacts –
Sounder automatic 10 minute time out
following each new event
Manual test – indicators, sounder & relays
Weight 0.45kg
ABS flame retardant FR40
Lid Screws M4-SS
Protection – IP64 (weather proof)
Finish – Signal White RAL 9003
Entries – Rear 5-20mm Ø 2 slot knock-outs,
Base – 20mm plug, sides, top, not specified
Stand offs – M4 or No.8 screws
Drill at (C) when stand offs removed
Conduit box – drill at (A) 4.5mm
Surface mount box – drill at (B) 4.5mm
Window Text
Standard selection/customised/foreign C1263

Datasheet 1

Datasheet 2