S4S Guardian® Plus Addressable


S4S Guardian® Plus Addressable


The S4S Guardian® Plus Addressable has been designed to operate in the full range of environments from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing.
Typical monitor locations are - public buildings, car parks, tunnels, breweries, boiler plant rooms, water treatment works, H&V control, manufacturing, process plants, horticulture, hotels, offices.
• 1 to 64 addressable sensors
• Network up to 16 controllers enabling up to 1024 addressable sensors
• Single 4 core sensor network (addressable)
• Parameter set up via pc or front panel
• 3 alarm levels with time to alarm option
• Automatic safety check diagnostics/system surveillance

Combustible Gas - L.E.L., % vol
Toxic Gas - ppm, % vol
Oxygen - % vol - Depletion/Enrichment
Refrigerant - ppm
Any 4~20mA transmitter
Indicators - control unit concentration
Dot matrix LCD 4 line 40 character - indicating sensor
location, gas type, (rising or falling alarms), alarm status,
system fault, sensor line fault, sensor fault, inhibit,
real time clock, event memory
Red LED - global alarm, Amber LED - global fault,
Amber LED-inhibit

8 user selectable zone/voting – with NE/ND option
and delay to de-energise
Relay contacts - 2 D.P.C.O / 6 S.P.C.O. rated
@ 5A-230v AC
Factory set 1 common low alarm D.P.C.O or group 1
1 common high alarm D.P.C.O or group 2
1 common overange S.P.C.O or group 3
1 common fault alarm S.P.C.O or group 4
4 user selectable S.P.C.O groups 5 to 8
General alarm relay - resetable S.P.C.O. for sounders etc.
Optional - 2 x 32 relays - first 16 programmable
with pattern/event with NE/ND options and delay to
de-energise - 48 are single event
Optional - remote addressable 4 way relay unit
RS232 data log - event log
Modbus - RS485 x2
S4S Guardian Soft: full data logging /management tool - option.
Individual sensor logging - intervals 1-60 mins storage
readings 2880
Audible alarm
Alarm/Fault - permanent mute option
230/115v AC or 24v DC ±15%
Control unit 7.5w quiescent 17w full alarm
Sensor - 1.25w
Internal power supply: 20 sensors max. 21+ sensors -
11A/24vDC Auxiliary Power Pack required C1541/C1293

For suitable S4S Guardian® Point addressable gas sensors please follow this link:

S4S Guardian® Plus Addressable Control Panel Datasheet