S4S Guardian® Plus


S4S Guardian® Plus  


The S4S Guardian® Plus has been designed to operate in the full range of environments from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing.
Typical monitor locations are - public buildings, car parks, tunnels, breweries, boiler plant rooms, water treatment works, H&V control, manufacturing, process plants, horticulture, hotels, offices.
• 1 to 64 addressable sensors
• 1-16 direct 4~20mA sensors - 2/3 wire
• 1 - 8 plug in direct catalytic cards
• Network up to 16 controllers enabling up to 1024 addressable sensors + direct sensors
• Single 4 core sensor network (addressable)
• Parameter set up via pc or front panel
• 3 alarm levels with time to alarm option
• Addressable relay module - 4, 8 and 32 way option
• Continuous data logging via pc - option (S4S Guardian® - Plus software)
• Automatic safety check diagnostics/system surveillance
• System management via remote access

Combustible Gas - L.E.L., % vol
Toxic Gas - ppm, % vol
Oxygen - % vol - Depletion/Enrichment
Refrigerant - ppm
Any 4~20mA transmitter
Indicators - control unit concentration
Dot matrix LCD 4 line 40 character - indicating sensor
location, gas type, (rising or falling alarms), alarm status,
system fault, sensor line fault, sensor fault, inhibit,
real time clock, event memory
Red LED - global alarm, Amber LED - global fault,
Amber LED-inhibit

8 user selectable zone/voting – with NE/ND option
and delay to de-energise
Relay contacts - 2 D.P.C.O / 6 S.P.C.O. rated
@ 5A-230v AC
Factory set 1 common low alarm D.P.C.O or group 1
1 common high alarm D.P.C.O or group 2
1 common overange S.P.C.O or group 3
1 common fault alarm S.P.C.O or group 4
4 user selectable S.P.C.O groups 5 to 8
General alarm relay - resetable S.P.C.O. for sounders etc.
Optional - 2 x 32 relays - first 16 programmable
with pattern/event with NE/ND options and delay to
de-energise - 48 are single event
Optional - remote addressable 4 way relay unit
RS232 data log - event log
Modbus - RS485 x2
S4S Guardian® Soft: full data logging /management tool - option.
Individual sensor logging - intervals 1-60 mins storage
readings 2880
Audible alarm
Alarm/Fault - permanent mute option
230/115v AC or 24v DC ±15%
Control unit 7.5w quiescent 17w full alarm
Sensor - 1.25w
Internal power supply: 20 sensors max. 21+ sensors -
11A/24vDC Auxiliary Power Pack required C1541/C1293
For suitable S4S Guardian® Point addressable gas sensors please follow this link:

For suitable S4S Guardian® Point 4-20mA gas sensors please follow this link:

S4S Guardian® Plus Control Panel Datasheet