S4S Guardian® Lite - Distillery


S4S Guardian® Lite - Distillery Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol)

S4S Guardian® Lite low cost addressable gas detection system

• Operates with S4S Guardian® Point addressable sensors or S4S Guardian® Plus system
• Continuous sensor status monitoring
• Two modes of operation – indicator/repeater
• Plug & Play - option (coming soon)
• 1~64 Sensor grouping
• Pre-calibrated Sensors
• Traffic light display
• Simple network connection and setup
• Menu options
The S4S Guardian® Lite panel may be used as a repeater unit giving details of individual sensor readings
and alarms from the selected sensors, or by menu selection, used as a remote indicator warning
panel, providing visual and audible alarms only.
4 wire addressable CANbus – S4S Guardian® Plus system 
Normal – Green display screen 
Repeater mode: 
Concentration | Gas type | Sensor identification
Indicator mode (menu option):
Text – SAFE 
A1 (low alarm):
Red screen flashing 1 second + sounder 
Repeater mode:
Reading | Gas type | Sensor identification | Alarm status
Indicator mode:
A2 (high alarm):
Red screen flashing 0.5 second + sounder 
Repeater mode:
Reading | Gas type | Sensor identification | Alarm status
Indicator mode:
A3 (overrange alarm):
Red screen flashing 0.25 second + sounder
Repeater mode:
Reading | Gas type | Sensor identification | Alarm status
Indicator mode:
Amber screen flashing + sounder
Repeater mode:
Fault status | Sensor identification
Indicator mode:
Text – FAULT
Power Supply:
Internal - 24VDC -115/230VAC 50Hz (1-4 sensors)
Auxiliary power supply (5-16 sensors) - option (200-005)
Auxiliary power supply (17-64 sensors) - option (200-003)
1-4 (Internal power supply)
5-64 (External power supply)
Sensor types:
Combustible gas - LEL / %Vol
Toxic gas - PPM / %Vol
Oxygen - %Vol Depletion / Enrichment
Refrigerant - PPM
4-20mA input - Alternative transducers / sensors
N/O - N/C input - Emergency Knock-off button
Fire alarm - Heat detector
Four – A1, A2, A3, Fault SPCO 5A/30vDC
Shutdown relay SPCO 6A 230VAC - option
Latched or unlatched N/E - N/D
Relay off timer
Sounder Output: 68dBs @ 1 metre
Mutable or permanent isolate option
Sounder automatic 10 minute time out option
Manual test – indicators, sounder & relays
Weight 0.95kg
ABS flame retardant FR40
Lid Screws M4-SS
Protection – IP64 (weather proof)
Finish – Signal White RAL 9003
Base 2 x 20mm knock-outs
Rear 5 x 20mm and 2 slot knock-outs
Sides/Top not specified
Environmental air seal gasket – option
Stand offs – M4 or No.8 screws
Drill at (C) when stand offs removed
Conduit box – drill at (A) 4.5mm
Surface mount box – drill at (B) 4.5mm
Delivery: 10-15 days from acceptance of order
S4S Guardian® Lite Datasheet


Installation and Commissioning - All cabling to be CY 0.75mm clipped to building fabric - max distance between panel and sensor / sounder beacon 25 Metres. Additional cabling to be charged @ £6.00 per metre. 

230VAC 6 Amp spur to be fitted by others.

Access is via steps only - Any high level access equipment to be supplied by others.

Installation and Commissioning to be carried out during one visit only - further visits to be charged extra @ £500.00 per day.