S4S GSX100


S4S GSX100 - CO2

Package contents:
1 x S4S GSX100 Control Panel
1 x S4S GSX100 CO2 Gas Sensor

The S4S GSX100 gas warning system consists of a control unit with a LED display, as well as LED displays for operating and alarm status. An integrated buzzer signals the 2 fixed alarm levels acoustically, providing additional Security. The ready-to-use digital gas sensor is pre-assembled and equipped with a 3 meter sensor cable. The sensor works with a stand-alone background calibration, is self-monitoring and therefore extremely durable. In addition, operation of fan units, for example, can be directly accessed by means of the volt free relay contacts.
With its high reliability, short response time to changing carbon dioxide concentration, the large display, the LED alarm, the integrated acoustic alarm, the low cost of acquisition, the effortless installation, the gas warning unit S4S GSX100 is a versatile and safe gas warning system for the monitoring of hazardous carbon dioxide concentrations.

0-5% Vol Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Can be used with 1 or 2 remote CO2 sensors
Fast response time
Compact, easy to use, easy to install
Large easy to read gas display
Automatic diagnostic system surveillance and fault monitoring
2 levels of alarm
Alarm relay for operation of fans and Sounder/Beacons
Robust and weatherproof
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