Honeywell PolyGard®2 Multi-Gas Controller MGC2-K 24VDC


PolyGard®2 Multi-Gas Controller MGC2-K

The PolyGard®2 Multi-Gas Controller MGC2-K is designed for detection of toxic,
combustible, or dangerous gases in many commercial and industrial applications.
Three analog sensors with a 4–20 mA signal and eight digital sensors via
RS-485 communication from Sensepoint XCL and XRL sensors can be connected
to the controller, which helps to reduce installation costs.
The controller monitors the measured values and activates the alarm relays if the
set local alarm thresholds for pre-alarm and main alert have been exceeded or if
there are alarm messages coming from the eight digital sensors.
The controller includes the Honeywell Modbus Master Protocol available
exclusively for Honeywell Sensepoint XCL and XRL gas detectors.