S4S Guardian® Point SA 4-20mA Gas Sensor (Not for use in Zoned Areas)


S4S Guardian® Point SA 4-20mA (Not for use in Zoned Areas)

All Gas Types Available

• Flexible output options

• Addressable or stand alone
• Hyper terminal communications RS232 line data and set up with 232 adapter
• Data logging
• Optional alarm relays
• Robust and weather-proof
The 15/30J enclosure has been designed to allow quick and easy access to its interior by adjustment of two allen screws, this factor is a major consideration when large system service and calibrations are being carried out.
The detector is robust and weather-proof with improved response times due to the four mounting spacers allowing increased air movement around the detector these spacers also improve the mounting of the unit particularly on circular pillars typically found in car parks. Standard 4~20ma signalling with CANbus address enables the sensors to be networked via the S4S Guardian® Plus control system or customer preferred monitoring system.

Power Supply - 15 to 30vDC 24v nominal
Outputs - 2/3 wire - 4~20mA
4 wire - CAN bus
Relays (optional)
Low alarm S.P.C.O
High alarm S.P.C.O
Fault alarm S.P.C.O / over-range
Rating 0.5A @30vDC
Inhibit option during servicing
Logging - Addressable sensors only / Intervals - one minute to one hour / Storage - 2,880 readings
Temperature -15˚C to 55˚C
Humidity - 0˚C to 99% RH - non condensing


Type – P1 Safe area use
Ingress Protection - IP63, + Universal fitting IP65
Material - ABS - black
Sensor Inserts - 4 series
Infra Red
Pellistor - Catalytic
Accessories - Optional
Collector Cone + Universal Fitting
Universal Fitting (test gas applicator/spray deflector)
Flow Block
Duct Mount Kit
Detector Head Weather Shield

Type - 15/30J safe area use only deep box (d) shallow box (s)
Ingress Protection - IP64
Material - ABS flame retardent FR40
Lid screws - M4SS
Finish - Signal White RAL 9003
Weight - 380gms
Entries - Rear 5-20mm knock outs sides, top, bottom - not specified
Mounting - Standoffs - M4 or no 8 screws drill at (C) when standoffs removed
Conduit box - drill at (a) 4.5mm
Surface mount box - drill at (b) 4.5mm
EU Design No. - 01359723-0001

Note: Delivery 10-15 days from acceptance of order

S4S Guardian® Point SA 4-20mA Safe Area Gas Sensor Datasheet