S4S Guardian 1 Gas Detection Cont Panel 230VAC Remote Sensor Exd IIC T6 XDI


S4S Guardian 1 Gas Detection Control Panel 230VAC Remote Sensor Exd IIC T6 XDI

S4S Guardian 1

Single Point Gas Alarm

A fixed single point alarm unit that meets the requirements for economic and reliable monitoring of gas levels in a wide range of environments from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications that may require hazardous area sensing.

The S4S Guardian 1 may be utilised as a standalone unit or as an addressable sensor forming part of the S4S Guardian Plus CANbus addressable network system and therefore offering the features of our most advanced system.

Typical monitor locations are - public buildings, boiler plant rooms, swimming pools, water treatment works, H&V control systems, manufacturing and process plants.


Data logging
Three alarm stages + relays
4-20mA analogue output
Weather proof
Back lit alpha numeric full status display
Front panel access to set up and maintenance parameters
Internal or remote sensor options
Aspirated sensor option

NOTE: Delivery 10-15 Working days although we always endeavour to meet our Customers requirements wherever possible.

S4S Guardian 1 Datasheet