S4S GasVac Single Line Multipoint Sampling System


S4S GasVac Single Line Multipoint Sampling System

The S4S GasVac system is designed to monitor gas levels in situations where the positioning of conventional gas sensors may not be practical. This may be due to equipment security, cable routing, access for detector head installation/maintenance, harsh environment or a cost effective means of monitoring plant rooms, supermarkets, cool stores and designated hazardous areas, such as - tunnels, marine applications, underground/high level voids.

A gas sample is continuously extracted via a unique micropore sample technique having any number of intake modules along its sample line network (see data sheet C1593). The sampling unit provides a gas level reading with three alarm trip points, and a range of signal outputs for annunciator or control functions.

A wide range of sensors can be fitted to suit customer requirements which include infra red, electrochemical, catalytic and other specialist sensors.

The system is supplied factory programmed and pre-calibrated to enable immediate operation by connection of a power supply and attachment of the sample line and its intake module network.


• Continuous multipoint monitoring

• No valves – no cycle time delays

• Flammable, oxygen, toxic and refrigerant gases

• Easily installed and maintained

• 3 alarm levels & relays

• 4~20mA analogue output

• Data logging

• Line blockage and pump fail monitor

• Delay to alarm option

Measuring Range:

Combustible Gas - LEL, % Vol, ppm

Toxic / Refrigerant Gases - ppm

Oxygen - % vol - Depletion or Enrichment

Any 4~20mA source input


Two line alpha numeric back lit display

Power - Green LED.

Alarms 1, 2, 3 - Red LEDs

Fault - Amber LED

Alarms inhibit - Amber LED

S4S GasVac Datasheet

Micropore Datasheet