Calibration Gas - 34 Litre Non-Refillable Cylinder


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34 Litre Aluminium Non-Refillable Cylinder

General Details

Water Volume:34 Litres
Service Pressure:34 bar (500psi)
Dimension:Height 285mm, Diamerter 76mm
Cylinder Material:Aluminium - Approved to ISO11118
Valve:Connection C10 Valve ( 5/8" - 18 )
NPL, UKAS or NIST standards. Manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142
- Cylinder valve compatible with all major manufacturers regulators 
- Fixed flow regulators available at 0.5, 1.0, 2.5 and 3.0 LPM 
- On-Demand Flow Regulator (ODFR for non-reactive, H2S and SO2 mixtures) 
- Variflow regulator (non-reactive gases) 
Mixture Tolerances
Minor components are certified to the following analytical tolerances: 
- 2-20ppm = +/- 10% 
- 21-50ppm = +/- 5% 
- 51-300ppm = +/- 2% 
Picture of 112 litre Aluminium Cylinder


Non-reactive gases36 months
Ethanol24 months
H2S, SO2 and 4 gas mixtures12 months
NO, NH3, HCN, ETO12 months
Cl2 (min 5ppm)9 months
HCl (min 5ppm)8 months
NO26 months
NRC Regulators
We recommend our Fixed Flow Regulator for this Cylinder.Fixed Flow Regulator
Popular Gas Mixtures
Non-reactive gases, Ethanol, H2S, SO2 and 4 gas mixtures, NO, NH3, HCN, ETO, Cl2 (min 5ppm), HCl (min 5ppm), NO2