Coster Gas Detection

Sensors for Safety Ltd are proud to have been selected as Distributors for Coster Controls Gas Detection and Gas Valve products

Coster Gas Detection equipment is a low cost range of equipment for the detection of Flammable gases (Natural Gas CH4 and LPG) and Carbon Monoxide.
Coster RFG361, 651, 652 and 653 systems have been fitted in hundreds of locations throughout the United Kingdom where low cost monitoring equipment is required in Boiler Rooms and Plant Rooms.
Sensors for Safety Ltd stock the full range of RFG control panels along with SRS150, 250 and 350 gas sensors.

Replacement SRS sensors can be purchased directly from our online shop.

At Sensors for Safety, we offer the full Coster range of residential gas detection products which have been used extensively in social housing and high rise accommodation boiler rooms, kitchens and living areas.

Coster DGD118 Residential Flammable Natural Gas Detector

Coster DGD218 Residential Flammable LPG (Propane) Gas Detector

Coster DGD318 Residential Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector